What Is Gardening And Its 7 Types

If you are a beginner looking to Start Gardening in your yard or maybe anywhere in your home. You are at the right place.

As a beginner, it’s hard to start something in which you have no experience.

So first, Gain essential knowledge in Gardening before starting the journey.

According to Wikipedia, Gardening has multiples types and has different benefits for the whole human body.

Right here, you may gain info about the whole thing associated with What is Gardening.

I have researched enough about what Gardening is and its types and benefits. So after that, I wrote this article.

If you want to do it as a hobby, let me tell you one thing it’s a healthy hobby you should start.

Let’s start to learn what Gardening is.

What Is Gardening

Gardening is an activity of Plants’ Growing and Cultivating process as a part of Horticulture. It includes growing flowers, herbs, vegetables, fruit, and trees and taking care of them.

Peoples do it as a hobby and that’s beneficial for both mental and physical health.

As a Beginner, You can start Gardening in your Garden, Terrace, Balcony, and Yard. There are numerous kinds of gardening you may begin with like plants, vegetables, and so forth.

But if  You want to learn more about what is Gardening in more detail. Go with the types.

What is Gardening And its different types


What Are The Different Types Of The Gardening?

Here are types of gardening.

1. Indoor Gardening

In this type of Gardening, plants grow within the residence or home, in a conservatory, or greenhouse. From common houseplants to vegetable-bearing plants are some examples of indoor Gardening.

Reasons people do indoor Gardening.

  • For Decorative purposes or as a hobby
  • For Better air quality
  • For fresh food consumption

2. Residential Gardening

This process of growing plants takes place in place near to home, such as the garden. It can take place in an atrium, on a balcony, roof, window box, on a patio, or vivarium.

3. Native Plant Gardening

Use of native plants with or without the motive of creating a wildlife spot around your home. This gardening reduces water use, fertilizer cost, maintenance.

4. Water Gardening

In this type, the process of Growing Plants is done in water areas like pools and ponds. Bog Gardens is also part of this type. A water garden made inside an aquarium tank is called Aquascaping.

5. Gardening In Containers

In this process, plants grow basically in any container instead of in the ground. Common containers are pots, baskets, hanging baskets, and planters. They are mostly used on balconies, patios, and rooftops.

6. Organic Gardening

This type is done using natural, sustainable style, pesticides, and fertilizers to grow non genetically converted crops. Organic is good for both nature and us. 

Benefits of Organic Gardening

  • Reduce use of chemicals on soil
  • Chemical-free fruits and veggies
  • Reduces carbon in the air

7. Non Residential Gardening

Mostly used in public places like restaurants, parks, biological gardens, zoological gardens, and hotel gardens. These gardens are maintained by the groundskeeper.

What is Gardening And Its Health Benefits

How Gardening Is Beneficial For Mental Health

According to many people, Gardening is a relaxing activity. There are many studies on the positive effect of gardening on Mental and Physical Health.

1. Rise In Self Esteem

Increasing self-esteem in one’s life while reducing stress. It feels good when you see your hard work on seeds is now growing into plants. 

People who spend their time in gardens feel less depressed, their anxieties fade away.

2. Killer Of Stress And Depression

In research of 2011, research exposed participants to frustrating events. Then 50% of them asked to spend time in Gardening and others to read in a quiet place.

The result was Gardening group returned to a positive state of mind while a few of the reading groups had.

3. Protect Your Memory

Gardening may increase the amount of some brain nerve growth factors belonging to memory.

Good results have been seen in nerve growth in People who are dealing with Dementia.


In a research people dealing with depression participated in gardening for Twelve Weeks. The result was their mental health and depression symptoms improved a lot from gardening.

It keeps you busy so that you can detach your attention from Negativity and Focus on something better for your health and mind. 

A little time spent in greenery is good for relaxing the mind and recharging one’s batteries.

Now you know its Mental benefits.

Go for its physical benefits too.

How Gardening Is Beneficial For Physical Health

1. Vitamin D While Gardening

You must know that Vitamin D is essential for Body functions. Vitamin D strengthens your bones and Immunity To Fight Diseases.

It also lowers the risk of cancers like prostate, breast, colorectal, bladder, and multiple sclerosis.

2. Exercising While Gardening

Gardening is an exercise according to CDC. Raking and cutting grasses are light-moderate exercises. Digging, Chopping wood and shoveling is vigorous exercises.

All major muscle groups are trained while doing gardening.

3. Helps To Sleep Better

Researchers at the University Of Pennsylvania say Peoples who’re concerned about gardening are more likely to get an amazing 7 hours of sleep.

4. Recover From Addiction

Researchers noticed that plants provoke positive feelings in people who are trying to recover from alcohol addiction.

5. Vegetable Gardening And Fruits

You can consume fresh fruits and veggies from your hard work in the garden.

In one study, people who are dealing with addiction were allowed to choose one therapy Art, or Gardening as Natural therapy. People with gardening recovered at a higher rate and were satisfied.

Different Types of farming

What Is The Difference Between Farming and Gardening

PurposeProduce goods related to Economics, Commercialisation, and Monocropping.Produce goods for personal use and as a hobby.
Area CoverageCovers a large area for growing crops.Covers from a small pot to big yards and gardens.
Basic NeedsNeeds chemical fertilizers, irrigation structures, ladders to climb trees, or harvestersNeeds a few tools Like a watering can, hoe, spade, and basket.
Difference Between Farming And Gardening

Learn in more detail about What is Farming, Its different types and benefits all you need to know.

What is gardening and how to fight eco-anxiety and global warming

How To Deal With Eco-Anxiety and Global Warming

In the past few years, you must have seen how global warming affects climate change due to pollution and cutting trees on a large scale. 

Now it’s creating guilt feelings and increasing stress levels in people daily. It makes us feel powerless to deal with this problem.

But wait there is hope.

To fight Eco-Anxiety, You can start gardening to combat Global Warming. Followings items that you can go with to deal with this problem.

  • Use Manual tools rather than Gas ones like cycling, manual cutter than a chainsaw.
  • Try to cut your water consumption.
  • You can turn your yard into certified wildlife habitat.
  • Plant trees to Cut carbon dioxide in the air.
  • Try to encourage people so that they can start this same.

How To Take Care Of Your Self While Gardening

Here are some precautions while you enjoy Gardening. To make sure you stay safe.

  • Always Wear Gloves, goggles, long pants, farming shoes, and other gear when you are using sharp gardening tools.
  • You can use sunscreen.
  • Use Bug Spray.
  • Drink Plenty of water and take shade breaks to avoid sunburn.
  • Make sure children stay away from pesticides and sharp tools.
  • Tetanus is an infection that lives in soil, so make sure you take tetanus vaccination once every Ten years.
  • Make sure you have a first aid box, for accidental injuries.


Now it’s less complicated to see what is Gardening and its different types.

We have found out how Gardening can be useful for bodily and intellectual health.

It’s clear that Gardening is a more fit interest and correct for our surroundings. It would be best if you made your gardening plans before starting.

I’m positive that you are happy with the information and your mind within the comment box.

If you discover this content material useful and exciting, then help me reach out to folks looking for what is Gardening. Thank you earlier.

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